Vehicle Security Solutions – Alcolock UK Main Dealer

Vehicle Security Solutions is the UK’s main dealer of breath alcohol testing equipment. All of our testing equipment has been approved to European CENELEC standards.

The top portable breath alcohol tester in the UK is the Alert J5 which also comes with a Printer and is used extensively within the transport sector. Below is an in-depth overview of this alcohol testing device.


The Alert J5 combines the top breath features required by law enforcement, healthcare and industrial-safety professionals into one convenient and affordable solution. The Alert J5 Breath Alcohol Tester is coupled to a Bluetooth printer to give fast and accurate record of the test result when a person blows into the device, which can be used as evidence.

Below are a few of the main elements of the Alert J5…

Convenient menu
The Alert J5 allows you to capture breath samples, print test results with the optional print function, and recall previous tests in seconds.

Evidential accuracy
The Alert J5 uses a fuel cell – the standard in law enforcement breath testers. The long-term stability of the sensor means you can count on accurate results year after year.

Optional printing
The Alert J5 has an onboard RS-232 printing capability, allowing it to print using the optional portable impact printer.

Multi-language display
Users can easily change languages without having to upgrade software. All Alert J5 alcohol testers are available with multiple language options.

Limited warranty
ACS breath alcohol testers are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of purchase. Only qualified technicians should perform the maintenance of any breath alcohol tester.

At VSS, we also offer throw away alcohol and drug testing equipment, plus alcohol testing equipment linked to ignition. Contact us on 01562 544108 or complete the online enquiry form.