Bus and Coach CCTV

Operators are starting to realise the advantages of having mobile Bus and Coach CCTV equipment and the benefits it provides. For many operators, the return on investing in CCTV is relatively short, due mainly, to the ‘claim culture’ we currently live in.

The list of benefits that Bus and Coach CCTV systems provide goes way beyond the initial rationale of installing to capture anti-social behaviour. Our advanced digital video recording solutions are becoming more popular, in order to capture high quality video evidence which is easily retrieved and used to counter any fraudulent accident claims both internally from passengers and externally from other road users.

Many customers use their systems to monitor driver behaviour, improve the quality and safety of their passengers and perhaps the biggest benefit of all, to help drive down their insurance premiums. For those that self-insure, it means less 50/50 claims are paid freeing up more cash to invest in other projects such as vehicle telematics or tracking.

Here at Vehicle Security Solutions Ltd, we supply both four and eight camera systems consisting of anti vandal cameras that record 30 frames per second (with optional audio and infra-red), mobile digital video recorder and plug and play extension cables for easy installation.

For those operators that require more extensive coverage, the eight channel system allows you to record both internally and externally. Combine this with its standard GPS and 1TB hard drive it’s easy to see why these systems are becoming more popular.

For advice on what system best suits your needs, please contact one of the team on Tel: 0800 2461 532.

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