Vehicle CCTV system – benefits and reasons why it must be installed in your vehicles

Vehicle CCTV systems have lots of benefits that are beyond the rationale of installing to capture social behaviours. Every day, these advanced digital video recording solutions are becoming more popular as they are used to capture high-quality video evidence that are retrieved easily and used against any fraudulent accident claims from the passengers and other road users.

Operators are beginning to realise the benefits of having mobile bus and coach CCTV equipment. Most customers use the system to monitor driver’s behaviour and the safety of their passengers.


Vehicle CCTV has proven to help protect the lives of people and fleet assets, due to accident rates and incidents falling as a direct relation. Its recording delivers encryption level data which is used against the false claim and protect the integrity of the business.

No matter the nature of your fleet, vehicle CCTV installations of between 1 – 16 cameras improves drivers’ behaviour, eliminates blind spots, and also delivers a return on investment.

Vehicle CCTV is fast becoming a staple inclusion of regulatory compliance. Some systems are set up to provide drivers with “an extra set of eyes” to view areas on the vehicle that is not accessible from the driver’s seat. This is vital for commercial and specialist vehicles. The mobile DVR system ensures that LVGs, HVGs and commercial vehicles can capture and record blind spots, such as at the rea of the vehicle or front nearside where cyclists tend to be.

Apart from the above benefits of vehicle CCTV, below are the list of the key benefits you can get when you install vehicle CCTV on your bus and coach.

  • Vehicle CCTV has dedicated video playback encrypted software to view incidents
  • Prevents against theft and vandalism
  • Reduce insurance costs and prevents fraudulent insurance claims
  • Protects drivers and passengers
  • Increases efficiencies, productivity, and safety through better driving

Another benefit of installing a reliable vehicle CCTV system is that when there is a crash involving a third party, the video footage can be downloaded quickly and exported to a recipient for instant viewing. The vehicle CCTV system helps in proving liability and to make claims resolution process faster with less stress for all concerned parties.

Vehicle CCTV captures all that is happening within the range of its camera. It provides a full record of what happened in case of any crash. These records can be presented to the insurance company or police as evidence. It comes in handy for fleet management with its GPS location ability. Vehicle CCTV systems captures footage from all angles. Because of the values that vehicle CCTV system offers, Government and organisations are taking this initiative seriously and costly steps to put an end to vandalization and accidents.

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