Trouble Shooting Guide for Customers using our Multi Channel Systems

I’ve plugged my Hard Drive in and it shows ‘NO RECORD’?

  1. Ensure there is a red light and intermittent blue light on the SATA READER. One is power for the hard drive and the other light is for transferring the video files. If there are no lights displayed on the SATA READER, then it could be faulty. Contact us and we’ll send you out a replacement.
  2. If there are the two lights displayed on the SATA READER and it’s still not displaying any video files, then please uninstall the software (right click on MDVR Player and delete) and install again using the above link. If you have an SD card, then please uninstall and install the software again.
  3. If you’re still having difficulties after re-installing the software, then please try installing our software on another computer/laptop first. Sometimes your computers anti-virus software prevents various video software being played back through a computer.
  4. If you’re still having problems, then close the software program down and re-open it by right clicking on the MDVR Player and ‘Running as administrator’.
  5. If you’re still having problems, then please contact the office and we’ll run a Team viewer session with you to see if we can diagnose the issue. This will allow us to remotely access your computer from our office whilst both parties are online. If you haven’t already downloaded TeamViewer 12, then please click on the link below.
  6. If we’re unable to diagnose the issue, we’d ask you to post us the hard drive or SD card back to us for testing and we’ll send you out a replacement if it is within warranty (hard drives and SD cards have 12 months warranty from date of delivery of your goods.

I have an 8-camera system but can only see 4 camera images on the screen?

Click on the ‘Settings’ button and change ‘4 camera mode’ to ‘8 camera mode’. It will display “restart to effective, are you sure to restart?’ CLICK on YES. Wait a few seconds and you’ll see all 8 cameras begin to appear on the screen. This will stay as ‘8 camera mode’ each time you login so you don’t need to keep changing it each time.

How do I save video footage?

Select which particular camera footage you want to save by highlighting the correct AV channel. (double click on the camera image you want to view and save, it will display the ‘AV’ channel (AV1, AV2, etc) next to the vehicle registration number. Click on ‘HDD SD’ on top left of playback software and select the AV channel from that date that you would like to save (AV is displayed as Chn). Click on ‘Back Up File’. Select where you want to save this file (Save in) – you may want to set up a new folder and save in this or save on your desktop. Change the File name if necessary (if you don’t change it will save in its current format which is the vehicle reg number followed by the channel number, date and time. Change the file type to ‘avi File’ and click save.

How do I save a snapshot taken from the video footage?

Select the footage you want the snapshot taken from. When you reach the point to where you want to capture an image of a moment, click on the ‘camera’ icon on the bottom right. Save as you would when saving video (above).

How do I display the map when viewing playback footage?

If you have the GPS feature installed during the installation process, you can view where the vehicle was when playing back the footage. Simply click on the MAP icon on the bottom and select Google. Wait a few seconds and you’ll see the map function on the right side of the video footage (you may need to drag the map across to the left)

How do I select a date I want to review footage from?

Click on the down arrow next to the start and end times and a calendar will be displayed. Select the date. Click search and all the video files will be displayed in a list with the most recent footage from that day at the top of the list.

I have an audio camera installed but can’t hear anything?

Click on the ‘sound tuning’ button at the bottom of the screen and turn volume up. If you still can’t hear any sound, make sure your lap top/computer sound is turned up. If you still can’t hear anything, you need to check if you ordered an audio camera. Give us a call and we’ll let you know.

The date and/or registration number is incorrect when playing back the footage?

You’ll need to change these settings on your DVR using the user manual.

How to format your hard drive or SD card

Your hard drive or SD card comes with a 12 month warranty which starts from when you are in receipt of the system. It is important that you reformat the hard drive every so often. The formatting process writes the basic directory structure onto the hard drive or SD card so that other files can be added. Any malicious software do not always make themselves visible to the user, but they can be roaming the system’s hard drive and damaging or corrupting important video files. However, reformatting a hard drive deletes all files on a computer, including the harmful ones, and returns the system to peak performance. 

Click her to see our step by step guide to formatting

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