VSS CarBit OBD Plug in unit (PLUG & PLAY)

Suitable for NON-HGV Vehicles Manufactured after 1996 (Cars, Vans & Light Commercial)

VSS Carbit is an On Board Diagnostics (OBD) plug-in unit which is used for tracking your vehicle instantly online and are able to get a full history of journey information, such as where the vehicle has been, speed reports as well as advanced features such as geo fencing. The VSS Carbit is suitable for NON-HGV Vehicles Manufactured after 1996 including Cars, Vans & Light Commercial vehicles.

The VSS CarBit option is ideal where hardwired tracking solutions are not feasible due to a requirement to port the tracking unit from one vehicle to another. This solution is ideal for leased vehicles, sub-contractors and replacement vehicles as the details of the vehicle can be changed on the tracking portal at any time.

Now only £79.99 (ex vat)

  • Built in G-Force Sensor
  • Ruggedized Anti-Tamper Unit
  • On Board Unit Battery Back Up
  • Unit has built in, Internal Cellular & GPS Antennae

Example Features

  • Plugs directly into Vehicle OBD Port (On Board Diagnostic Port)
  • Supplied with optional OBD Extension Lead
  • Full GPS Tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App
  • Full Telematics Reporting
  • Driver ID Enabled
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring / Reporting
  • Automated Alerts / Braking / Acceleration / Cornering / Impact
  • Automated Alerts / Voltage / Battery / POI (Point of Interest) Geo Fencing
  • Automated Alerts / Tamper / Speeding / Speed Threshold / Service / Inspection
  • Live Reports / Automated Scheduled Reports / Historic Reports