VSS 2630 GPS Tracking & Telematics Vehicle Unit

Suitable for All Vehicles-
(Bus and Coaches, Cars, Commercial, HGV)
  • Built in G-Force Sensor
  • Ruggedized Anti-Tamper Unit
  • Anti-Tamper / Anti-Disconnect Serial Connector
  • On Board Unit Battery Back Up
  • Unit has built in, Internal Cellular & GPS Antennae
Example Features
  • Hard Wired To Vehicle
  • Full GPS Tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App – demo of the app Ocular is available here
  • Full Telematics Reporting
  • Driver ID Enabled
  • Remote Vehicle Immobilisation Enabled
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring / Reporting
  • Automated Alerts / Braking / Acceleration / Cornering / Impact
  • Automated Alerts / Voltage / Battery / POI (Point of Interest) Geo Fencing
  • Automated Alerts / Tamper / Speeding / Speed Threshold / Service / Inspection
  • Can be linked to / monitor / report on vehicle ancillary devices
  • Live Reports / Automated Scheduled Reports / Historic Reports
Impact detection

Real time vehicle impact notifications through ‘G’ sensors that read 100 times per second

Alerts Manager

The intelligent alerts system now sends instant notification for all multiple event types. Unauthorised movement, device tamper and even power removal are all alerts that can be set up to assist in the event of theft.

Easy reporting

The tracking device collects all your vehicles data and we produce easy to read reports in multi formats. Reports can assist with timesheets and mileage calculations.

Service and Maintenance

Set up your vehicles to send service and maintenance reminders. Prevent costly garage bills by keeping you vehicles in good health.

Location Hotspots

The Point of interest manager gives you the ability to add all your depots to the system. By doing this you have the ability to check how many times a vehicle or driver has visited a certain area, you can even set up email alerts for vehicles entering a non-authorised location.

Journey reports

Replay all historical journeys on a map, giving you full view of where your vehicle was every second of the day.

Driver Scoring

At the click of a mouse you have the ability to see exactly how your vehicles are being driven with a graphical display.

Live Track

From the tracking portal you will be able to monitor the exact location, speed and status of your vehicle every minute of the day.

Fleet Vehicle CCTV