The Current State of the Bus and Coach Industry in the UK

With the current measures to tackle COVID 19 by adopting social distancing and work from home, there has been a decline in the revenue of the bus and coach industry as the number of passengers on both scheduled coach services and buses has fallen by 75 %. As further measures are introduced to protect the over 70s concessionary travel, it is also likely to drop to near zero. For sometimes now, the industry has been suffering from declining passengers number. The situation is further exacerbated for the coach hire sector as April to June is traditionally the peak season for coach operators and the day to day operations are supplemented through an increase in tourism events such as private hire bookings and music festivals.

The bus and coach industry that transports more people in all form of public transport and support around 250,000 jobs is determined to maintain a national network with an unprecedented decline in the coach and bus use. The concern around the spread of this virus surrounding foreign travel in the medium term made UK coach holiday exceed the previous levels.

Maintaining the industry at its current level is essential to ensure that the operators can gear up immediately to deliver full and reliable services like social distancing and other measures. The industry has been playing its part in maintaining a national network. Still, the government and local authorities need to encourage the industry by allowing operators to alter route that will reflect the reality of social distancing.

The bus and coach industry is currently seeking an existential crisis with a complete slump in bookings and unprecedented cancellations. This is because people are changing plans as a result of Coronavirus. Tackling this virus is UK’s number priority, but we also need to have eyes on the future by ensuring that we can resume these services in the coming soonest.

COVID 19 pandemic has negatively affected the bus and coach industry. But soon, attention will lead to recovery from the current standstill. As at now, nothing has been said, but some operatives are considering the recovering that may involve. Some believe that the industry should receive more government support.

The British biggest bus and coach operator on the 6th of May 2020 has called on the government for a joint strategy to secure vital public transport network. He sets up a six-point plan identifying the short and long term changes that will help reboot the economy and also protect the communities.

This COVID 19 Pandemic has shown the importance of humanity to the growth and development of the economy. For example, buses provide social links by helping combat loneliness and hidden health challenges. While many are working from home, coaches are delivering emergency for key workers that are critical for the economy.

With the British most important public transport mode, there is no reason why we cannot return to safety. Transitional support as an investment will pay back as many times in helping us, our community and economy to recover again.