Telematics In the Bus & Coach Industry

Bus and coach operators can have complete visibility of their fleets in order to reduce costs, increase resource utilisation and enhance duty of care. In particular, the simple and easy access of both real-time and historical information means it’s possible to monitor the safety of the drivers and of their passengers, check that vehicles are on schedule and ensure a fleet is operating as efficiently as possible.

Features include:

  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Routing and scheduling adherence
  • Panic buttons
  • Connected navigation

Benefits include:

  • Reduce costs including fuel
  • Minimise vehicle idling
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Enhance duty of care

With bus and coach operators providing local, national and international coverage on behalf of public and private sectors, your vehicles can be spread across a wide geographic area making it harder to know what is going on with each one. Our tracking and telematics systems help to keep track of what is happening at all times to provide you with complete visibility and control when your vehicles and drivers are out on the roads. It delivers live data regarding location and status including arrivals, departures and other points of interest.

‘According to Statista, a multinational research and statistical analysis firm based in Hamburg, the total annual value of the global commercial vehicle telematics market will grow by
no less than 22% year-on-year to £26.5 billion
by 2017.’

Elements such as leaving the vehicle running in a lay-by, service station, parking area or transport yard is responsible for significant and unnecessary fuel wastage and something that can be tracked by our telematics systems to save you money on fuel and wastage. We can help minimise consumption using live vehicle tracking and automatic alerts to identify and address excessive engine idling.

Our driver behaviour solutions can also improve the way your employees drive to reduce costs such as fuel expenditure, insurance and wear & tear, whilst enhancing levels of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and duty of care. However, more importantly, positive driving behaviour can help achieve a better public perception of your business and prevent costly damage to its corporate image.

British Bus and Coach operators are now beginning to demand more detailed and sophisticated reporting from telematics systems to maximise fleet efficiencies, something we are able to provide your vehicles with here at Vehicle Security Solutions. Truck manufacturers have reported a rapidly accelerating uptake by UK fleets of various telematics systems such as Scania vehicles that have been fitted with telematics hardware since 2011. The number of Scania vehicles in service in the UK with tracking and telematics systems is now at more than 21,000 along with MAN Truck & Bus UK who have been offering fleet management tracking and telematics systems since 2006 and is now said to have more than 10,000 vehicles on the roads with these advanced systems.