Why Switch from Analogue to AHD?

AHD (Analogue High Definition) CCTV is the latest advancement in mobile CCTV equipment and was released back in 2015 as the modern replacement for Analogue video. As you may know, traditional analogue CCTV equipment works on TV Lines (TVL) to determine the capture and output resolution, up to a maximum of 960×576 pixels. However, the newer AHD format allows much greater resolutions of up to full HD at 1920×1080 pixels or 2.4MP.

The upper limits of AHD have yet to be fully revealed, but for now up to 720p is a significant improvement over the original analogue format. In a nutshell, changing from Analogue to AHD means you will get a much better picture quality on your video recordings.

AHD chipset and software is applied in video recorders and video cameras in the majority of manufacturers of video surveillance systems. This is a good indication of a wider expansion of AHD technology in years to come and accordingly, suggests that AHD technology will become the most popular on the market of video surveillance systems. We at Vehicle Security Solutions have taken the decision to offer AHD systems to both our new and existing customers and are proud to be one of the first companies in our industry to do this.

Is AHD compatible with analogue equipment?
Yes it is! The beauty of this advancement in CCTV technology is that AHD cameras are compatible with analogue DVRs and vice-versa. Also, AHD still uses cables with BNC connectors for video transmission or 4 PIN Aviation connectors; whether you have coaxial or a CAT5e cable set up currently, the new cameras will easily replace those older cameras without any issues.

Does AHD have universal application?
AHD video cameras can easily be integrated into an existing analogue CCTV system. AHD systems also work with Cloud services and CMS systems providing remote control management, perfect for the use in fleet vehicles where you may have more than one vehicle out on the road at once to monitor. This simple integration means you won’t have delays or disruption in transferring from one system to another, maximising your speed of modernisation.

Advantages of AHD Systems
1) AHD systems cost very little more than the old analogue video but is about twice the resolution in 720p.
2) AHD systems have ready made plug and play extension cable kits available as well.
3)  Compatible with older analogue mobile CCTV equipment.
4) Very easy to install

Today’s security camera systems are smaller, less expensive, more sophisticated, and are packed full of features. This is great for you as the consumer as you have more high quality options at your fingertips than ever before! However, there are a ton of options and it can be very confusing telling the difference between two particular products, especially if this is your first time dealing with mobile CCTV systems.

At VSS, we offer four and eight channel AHD mobile digital video recorders and a vast range of AHD cameras to suite all vehicle types. Contact us on 01562 544108 or complete the online enquiry form.