Fleet Insurance

Installing vehicle CCTV and telematics can reduce your fleet insurance premiums.

Reducing your fleet insurance premiums has got to be a good thing. VSS works with several independent commercial insurance brokers specialising in truck, bus and coach insurances. They’re able to offer our customers competitive premiums which can be reduced over time with the introduction of vehicle CCTV and vehicle Telematics solutions. The only exception to this could be if you’re currently insured under an exclusive broker scheme.

Our insurance partners have clients throughout the UK and provide a highly personal and professional service envied by their competitors. They hold agencies with most of the leading insurance companies throughout the UK.

Vehicle CCTV prevents against theft and vandalism. Last year there was 55,000 cash for crash schemes in the UK costing fleet insurance companies £240M. Vehicle cameras help in the protection for the drivers and passengers against fraudulent Insurance claims. Installing GPS tracking and telematics can also determine the precise location of any vehicle at any time, helping our clients achieve fleet insurance discounts.

Commercial vehicles account for less than 1.7% of vehicles on the road but account for 18% of crashes. Fleet insurance companies are keen to work with our clients to help counteract this by vehicle CCTV installation. On average, these insurance companies have seen a 40% reduction in accident claims with commercial vehicles fitted with vehicle CCTV.

Vehicle CCTV can also improve driver best practice, efficiencies, productivity and safety. By working with your fleet insurance company, these efficiencies will ultimately save your business money.