Features of vehicle tracking explained

It is clear there are many benefits to having vehicle trackers, but many also have questions about the features of vehicle trackers. Whilst there are variations, there are a set of standard features which apply to many types of trackers. In this article, we will talk through a range of different features and we will explain what they mean. You may not require all the features, but it is worth looking through some of the core features available. It is good to consider some of the different features that are out there, so you know what you need in the end. Let us get started.

In the article we will also evaluate why it is important to have CCTV in your vehicle too. We want to stress why both tracking and CCTV are beneficial when combined.

Real time tracking
This is where your vehicle, such as a bus or coach is tracked in real time. This means the actual location is tracked by GPS in real time. You will be able to see the exact location as your vehicle moves.

Route playback
This means you can play back the exact route the vehicle took and see the exact roads and locations the bus used.

Some are waterproof, this may be beneficial in some cases as it means if your driver has an accident and let’s say the vehicle then ends up in a lake, the vehicle can still be tracked. All waterproofing does have some limitation of course.

Over speeding
Most track speed and in some cases have speed tracker alarms which indicates when a vehicle is over speeding. Such as doing 80 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.

Most are shock resistance for example in accidents.

Most are discreet, your drivers will forget they are even there.

Reports can usually be viewed in a few different formats and can help with timesheet and mileage calculation

Driver scoring
Many trackers offer a score on your driver based on their driving.

Whilst vehicle trackers do not have CCTV, a top is to have vehicle CCTV too. Let us evaluate some of the benefits of having vehicle CCTV too.

As mentioned at the start of the article, we will also review below, the importance of having CCTV in your vehicles too.

Again, a huge and fairly of having CCTV on your bus or coach is for insurance reasons. Insurance costs are driven down by having CCTV in the vehicle. It is important as we currently still live in a ‘claim culture’.

Health and safety
Should anything happen, evidence is needed for any investigation. Should there be an accident or incident, CCTV will be able to help you pinpoint exactly what happened, who is responsible and thus provides information management teams need to make decisions.

Capture anti-social behaviour
Easily capture any anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and damage against your vehicle.

Final word
It is important to have both trackers and CCTV. We hope this article helps you understand the features of tracking and why you need CCTV too. We want to stress again the combination of CCTV and trackers will provide a strong return on investment compared to having neither, which could end up being very costly. Information is king, intelligence is important. Without it, it can be difficult to make decisions.

Do also remember there are laws in which having trackers and CCTV helps you support, but there are legal considerations of their use.