VSS is a leading UK supplier of cost effective vehicle CCTV, Telematics and Tracking systems. Our solutions will help prevent false accident claims and can help lower your fleet insurance costs.

What we do

We are specialist suppliers of vehicle security systems to the transport industry. We bring together a host of modern solutions to cater for all your operational needs. Add this to our first class service, we’re fast becoming the fleet operator’s choice.

Reduce your insurance costs

Our solutions include MDVR’s which is fast becoming the system of choice in both the CV and PSV markets. As a result of our systems being installed, fleet operators have seen improvements in both passenger and driver safety. Most of all, our systems have helped prevent false accident claims, therefore, reducing customers insurance costs.


Our highly skilled and friendly team of UK wide installers can install and maintain our systems in a timely manner. Our dedicated support staff can also supply our clients with their own cabling options for retro fit installations.

The Future of Vehicle CCTV Systems

As with technology in all other aspects of life, the future of CCTV systems in vehicles is looking extremely positive. Even just over the last few years, the technology in cameras and dash cams has improved exponentially, out selling records year on year. The systems themselves are smaller than ever before and many are able to provide additional extras such as GPS technology and 4G.

This year’s international Consumer Electronics Show or CES, gave visitors an inside glimpse into what 2017 would be showcasing in the technology sector. The show attracted over 3,800 companies from various countries and regions and over 165,000 people attended. The main attraction was the future of technology in vehicles – from safety systems such as CCTV and telematics to vehicle-to-vehicle communications and improved voice recognition. The event held over 140 exhibitors specialising in vehicle technology, setting an all time record at CES. Autonomous driving and related technology sees its biggest step forward in development at this year’s CES compared to last year.

“This is a transformative time in automotive,” said Patrick Little, Qualcomm’s automotive senior vice president and general manager. “The pace of innovation is unprecedented.”

According to the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 35,000 people are killed in car crashes every year and thousands more are injured. A staggering 90% of car crashes are caused by human error so it’s important to protect yourself should you be involved in an accident of any kind.

Although self-drive vehicles are still in their early days of testing and those that are available to the general public are very expensive, systems such as vehicle CCTV, dash cams and telematics are more readably available and at prices most of us can stretch to when it comes to protecting ourselves from accidents. Vehicle technology is making driving safer and drivers more connected to their vehicles.

The Benefits Of Vehicle CCTV

CCTV in vehicles can also be known as car cameras or dash cams and have a wide range of purposes. Most importantly, these cameras will provide you with the ideal witness for any events that occur while you, a family member or employee is driving the vehicle. Plus, these days there is such a wide range of designs and styles to choose from including smaller, more subtle varieties that won’t cramp your style.

Having a camera on board; whether for commercial or business use, can prevent or solve a wide range of problems that might occur, for example:

  • Fraudulent claims made by others. Perhaps you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault but the other party is claiming it was. With the CCTV on board, you will be able to prove it either way.
  • In the event of an altercation between you and another driver, or between members of the public.
  • Insuring your teenager is driving the car safely. By having CCTV on board, in some case this will help to lower the insurance costs for younger drivers.
  • Monitor and protect your employees who drive the company vehicles. Relax in the knowledge that if anything does happen while out on the road, they/you are covered.
  • Some CCTV packages will come with other functions such as GPS, a panic button and driver alerts meaning you can track the location of the vehicle should it be lost or stolen. It also means that should anything happen, the driver can hit the panic button for help.

Get the peace of mind knowing that if your vehicle is in safe hands wherever it might be and whoever might be behind the wheel.