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Why Switch from Analogue to AHD?

AHD (Analogue High Definition) CCTV is the latest advancement in mobile CCTV equipment and was released back in 2015 as the modern replacement for Analogue video. As you may know, traditional analogue CCTV equipment works on TV Lines (TVL) to determine the capture and output resolution, up to a maximum of 960×576 pixels. However, the […]

Cycle South Africa raises over £220,000 for Transaid

“Completing the ride was an unbelievable achievement and I am incredibly proud to have been part of a group of like-minded individuals all pulling together, digging deep and raising money for such a worthwhile cause.” Joan Aitken, Traffic Commissioner for Scotland On Friday 10th March, 40 people from across the transport and logistics industry flew […]

Telematics In the Bus & Coach Industry

Bus and coach operators can have complete visibility of their fleets in order to reduce costs, increase resource utilisation and enhance duty of care. In particular, the simple and easy access of both real-time and historical information means it’s possible to monitor the safety of the drivers and of their passengers, check that vehicles are […]

Why Reversing Cameras Are So Important

On average, Fleet Insurance companies have seen a whopping 40% reduction in accidents involving commercial vehicles that have been fitted with vehicle CCTV to include reversing cameras. This type of camera can also improve driver best practice, efficiencies, productivity and safety. The location of your reversing camera is essential and all depends on your vehicle type. For commercial vehicles […]

3G Camera Systems

With so many vehicles on the road these days it is almost inevitable that at some point you or one of your drivers will be in some sort of accident or collision. Most accidents are minor scrapes but being able to prove who was at fault and the events leading up to that incident could […]

Our brand new wireless camera system

Our brand new wireless camera system features the very latest technology and can be used in vehicles such as Horse Trailers, Caravans and HGV’s due to its super wide voltage unit. The 7 inch colour monitor can be connected with up to four cameras and can be plugged directly into vehicle via cigarette cable or […]

Josephine saves four lives (Transaid News)

Josephine Mupeta potentially saved four lives when she carried two pregnant women to a health facility. Josephine is one of the volunteer riders using bicycle ambulances to transform the lives of communities in sub-saharan Africa.  It was November, just a few weeks after the bicycle ambulance arrived in the community. Josephine – a volunteer health worker from […]

The cost of providing CCTV systems on vehicles has fallen.

The cost of providing CCTV systems on vehicles has fallen significantly in recent years, and technical improvements in the hardware now make reliable, robust systems readily available. Prices are still falling as the technology becomes cheaper and more commonplace. Costs vary, depending on the equipment used and the supplier. Generally, colour systems are more expensive […]