3G Camera Systems

With so many vehicles on the road these days it is almost inevitable that at some point you or one of your drivers will be in some sort of accident or collision. Most accidents are minor scrapes but being able to prove who was at fault and the events leading up to that incident could save you a lot of money. After an accident all parties concerned can give conflicting views on what caused the accident which could result in one of your drivers being accused of causing a crash, even if they were not at fault.

By having your 3G Camera System in place both you and your drivers are protected of any false accusations. With such a huge range of CCTV systems and cameras available, whether you drive a car, bus, lorry or moped, there is a system to suit everyone.

What exactly are 3G multi camera systems? A 3G multi camera system allows operators to view their vehicles cameras remotely and location. If, due to an unfortunate incident involving the vehicle, the operator can login and see the lead up to the incident and the incident itself before the vehicle gets back to the depot. It means that incidents can be dealt with swiftly. Drivers who report an incident involving passengers unsociable behaviour, can get their company to keep an eye out whilst the vehicle is still on the road.

As with the 3G Dash Camera, incidents such as drivers harsh breaking, can be emailed to the company through the ‘G’ sensor that is built in the DVR.

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